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Nana and Papa’s Story

Nana and PapaNana and Papa are my husband’s grandparents and will celebrate there 68th wedding anniversary this month. Papa is 94 and Nana is 90 and they still live in their own house with just a little help from family and friends. On most summer days you can find Papa out in the yard or in the woods doing some sort of project, probably chopping wood. The other day he told my mom that he has and machine to chop wood for him, but he likes to do some by hand so he can get his exercise for the day.

Nana and Papa live on 90 acres of woods. This spring my husband and I were taking the dogs for a walk a long the trail that goes through the woods when we here someone off in the trees. We walk a little further and see that it is Papa out there chopping up a tree that had fallen over and loading the wood onto his tractor to take back to the house to burn for the winter. Nana herself is also still in great shape for 90 years old. She still cooks dinner and with some help from the family takes care of the house and her bills. She also has a computer and emails with all of her grandkids.

Each Sunday they go to church and Papa teaches bible classes. They are amazing people I enjoy each time my husband and I are able to go spend time with them.

Pretty amazing huh? And what will they tell you has been a major contributor to their health and long live. They take Shaklee Vitamins everyday! At 94 years old Shaklee vitamins are the only thing Papa takes! Papa always says that during the cold and flu season you should take your Shaklee Defend and Resist. This is a major reason why I have done my research and started to use and sell Shaklee myself. I want to be able to live a long healthy life like Nana and Papa!

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