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Get On The Road To A Healthier Life Part 4

Part 4 Stress Management

Stress it is something we all deal with on a daily basis, some more then others and some even more then that! But it is something we need to keep in check for a health. Stress is known to cause or be a factor in many illnesses.

Remember to Breathe! Taking just 10 minutes to concentrate on your breathing can calm and help to clear your mind so you can think more clearly.

Do something you enjoy. Nothing takes your mind off of what is stressful then taking time to do something you really enjoy. “Take time to smell the roses!”

Relax. Take time out of your busy day to actually relax. Taking time to relax will help you sleep better, think more clearly, and work more effectively. Take a walk, take a bath, listen to your favorite music, or whatever you enjoy.

Take Your Vitamin. I will go into this more in the Part 5. Taking your vitamins keeps you body and your mind healthy which in turn allows you to function and deal with all of the aspects of life more efficiently.

Say NO sometimes. Taking on too many projects one of the major causes of stress in peoples lives. It is OK to say NO sometimes, you need to remember that your health is more important then baking cookies for a bake sale.

Exercise. Once again exercise can help. Exercise is great way to take your mind off the stresses in your life and you are making yourself healthier in the process, it is a great thing!