Live Happy, Live Healthy, Live Green

My tips for living happy, healthy, and green!

Life Changes!

Life sure does change fast! Living Happy, Healthy, and Green has been important to me for some time now, but now that my baby boy is here its even more important! It’s amazing how this little life that you create can bring a lot of things into perspective. It makes me think even harder about what I am eating, what items I am smelling and breathing in that he would be breathing in as well, and I want to healthy to play with him for many years to come. I also want my home to be a safe place for him to grow and flourish without the thought of him becoming sick from everyday household items.

I am going to expand the themes of my blog posts to include ways to live happy, healthy, and green on a budget and talk about what I am doing to try to save as much money as possible now living on one income and still eat, clean, and live healthy and green.

Here is a list of some of my ideas that I am going to work on and keep you updated on how well they work.

1. Planted a veggie and herb garden

2. Going to teach myself to sow

3. Learn to make my own cleaning product and other household items

4. Plan meals and grocery shopping based on coupons and sales

5. Shop the local farmers market for fresh in season fruits and veggies

6. Learn to can items from the garden

7. Continue to research more ideas of living happy, healthy, and green on a budget!

Please let me know if anyone has more ideas that I can try.

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