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Shakleebaby Products Updated

Since my last post about the Shakleebaby products I have had the chance to use the other 2 items (massage oil and diaper rash cream) and they are awesome!

After traveling my little guy had his first diaper rash and was not too happy about it. I used the Shakleebaby diaper rash cream and in a day the rash was gone and I had a happy baby boy again!

I have used the massage oil a few times now. When he is fussy in the evening before bed I massage the oil on his belly, legs, and arms while he is nursing. The oil has a calming effect and makes his skin small and feel wonderful.

I love the Shakleebaby products, my next purchase will be the Shakleebaby multivitamin and multimineral powder…but I have to wait until the little guy is 6 months old. Once I get it and start using it I will give an update on how it works.

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