Live Happy, Live Healthy, Live Green

My tips for living happy, healthy, and green!

Being Green Everyday

Here is a list of few things we have started doing to continue to be green…

  1. My husband got a bike to ride to work, since we moved a couple months ago we are now only 3.5 miles from my husbands office.
  2. Join are local freecycle group. This is an online group where local people can offer items for free and people can post things they are looking for. A great way for items to be reused and not just thrown into the land fill!
  3. Stopped using paper towel for cleaning. Rags work just as well and this also saves money on buying more paper towel. I use old t-shirts and dish towels as rags which is another way of reusing!
  4. I try to no longer get plastic bags when I grocery shop but there are the times I forget or don’t bring enough bags. So we use the plastic bags for picking up poop…we have 2 dogs and use the bags when we take them out. Much better then buying the special bags to dog poop.

What are the little things you do everyday to continue your green lifestyle?

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