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Monthly Grocery Shopping Trips

After doing a lot of reading on different blogs I have decided I am going to try to do once a month grocery shopping.

Reasons Why:

  • Less time at the grocery store…I hate the grocery store
  • Less opportunity for impulse buys…we all do it
  • A months of meals available and planned
  • Save Money

Step 1:

The first thing I am doing to get this plan started is to create a spread sheet with a list of the dinners we enjoy and where and if I need a recipe for them, also on the spreadsheet I have included side dishes, lunches, and breakfasts. This way when I sit down to plan a months worth of meals I don’t have to open all my cookbooks, magazines, and recipes boxes…I have all of our favorites in one spot. This may take a few ours for me to create, but will save me a lot of time in the longs run and I can add to it as we go with new favorites.

Step 2:

Print out a Monthly Menu Planner I found mine at Organized Home. I will sit down with my spreadsheet and create a menu for the month. First I will mark on the calendar any days I know we will either be out of town or have plans for dinner already. Now I will start with breakfast because that is easy, we usually choose one thing for the entire week and then have some sort of eggs on the weekends. Next I will do dinners, I will do lunches last so I can figure in leftovers from dinners. Lastly lunches for myself and to pack for my husband.

Step 3:

Create a list based off of the menu and what I already have available in the freezer and pantry. During this time I will also go through my coupons and my online coupons to find as many as possible to take a long with me to save money…which is one of my main goals in all this. I will also sit down with the local papers to see if any of the local stores are have a wonderful sale on items I may need. I have not completely decided where I plan to do a majority of the shopping, I leaning to Aldi for the staple items, Trader Joe’s for the majority, and other for sale items and coupon items. Although that may seem like a lot of stopping, but most of the stores I would go to are within a couple miles of where I live.

Step 4:

Shopping day. I will be doing the shopping on either a day I can go on my own…leaving my 2 month old with his daddy or on a day that daddy can come with us. Its not easy to grocery shop with a 2 month old unless he is sound asleep. I also hope to either get to the store early in the morning or later in the evening, I don’t like crowded grocery stores.

Other things I am still working out. I plan to freeze items that are perishable like bread, veggies, and fruits. I also plan to get some fruits and veggies at our local farmers markets which I enjoy visiting. Also if I plan to have an item for dinner twice in a month I will make it once and freeze the second half.

Any ideas or advice would be great. I will report back to let you know how things are working and if it is saving us money on our monthly grocery bills.

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