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Out of Control Portion Sizes

Since having my baby boy 3 months ago I have been trying to get rid of the last 15 pounds. To be honest it is the first time in my life I have really been trying to lose this amount of weight. I have been starting to exercise again…its hard to get back into it after this long. I also try really hard to watch what I eat. So I have been thinking about what else I can do to get this weight off. And then I was at McDonalds…long story ( I was in a wedding) and asked for a small drink, they handed me a cup and I was amazed that this was considered a small! It looked to me like it should be a large.

Since then I was been thinking about the portion sizes of everything we eat. No wonder we have so many overweight people in this country our portion sizes are completely out of control! So I have done some research and here are some suggestions:

1. When eating out at a restaurant…don’t finish your food. Bring the leftovers home for lunch the next day.

2. Eat on smaller plates, use the dessert size plates for dinner, if you can’t fit the food on your plate, you don’t need to eat it.

3. Post something in the kitchen showing the correct portion sizes! Click here for a printable chart.

4. If you have a kitchen scale, measure your food. You don’t have to always do this, but do it periodically so you can really see how much you are eating.

5. Always read the labels carefully….most the time we eat more then what is consider 1 serving on the nutrition chart

Check out the Portion Distortion Quiz

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