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Why I Love Going For A Jog

This morning was a wonderful morning for a jog or a walk. While I was out on my jog/walk this morning I was thinking about how much I enjoyed being outside getting some exercise. There are so many wonderful benefits to heading out for a jog each day. Each morning I pack up my little guy and usually one of my dogs and we head to the park for a jog. My little guy is now 13 weeks old and because I had a c section I have now been able to get back into exercising for the past 7 weeks. I started out walking and jogging in around my house, but just couldn’t get motivated. I figured out that in order for me to get the full benefits of going for a run, I need to be someplace where I enjoy running and where there is more nature. Living in the suburbs of Chicago, I make due with a nice park where there is a running trail goes through some woods, along a small lake/pond, and through an open prairie area.

My favorite things about my morning jog:

Fresh Air/Nature: I love being outside! I am from northern Michigan and am used to spending a lot of time outdoors in the woods or on the beach. Each morning as I go to the park for my jog I get to enjoy a little piece of nature in the city. I get to see the trees, smell the fresh air, and enjoy the sunshine!

It clears my head: Its a great way to clear my mind and focus for the day. I don’t usually listen to music on my jog, I like to just enjoy the peace and quiet and think about life. Like this morning I just think about how enjoyable my jog is, other days I think about what I want for my future and my family, its a great time to think.

Exercise: We all know its good for us to get at least 30 minutes of aerobic activity at least 5 days a week. This is an enjoyable way to get mine. I am also still working on getting rid of the baby weight so its a great way to do that as well. Staying healthy is very important to me. I like seeing the other people along the way doing the same thing. It makes me feel good to see people of all ages, shapes, and sizes out there getting there exercise!

Whether you are able to run, jog, or just walk I encourage you to find a place that you enjoy going and spend some time getting healthy! Try it for a week and see if you feel better about yourself, have less stress, and just feel better in general!

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