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Why I Chose Shaklee

I am not a great sales person that is for sure. I am pretty quiet for the most part, especially around new people, so why did I choose to sell Shaklee products.

I chose Shaklee for many reasons. The number 1 reason is because I completely believe in there products. I am not interested in pyramid schemes, or just selling to sell. I only want to supply people with a product that I use, believeĀ  in, and that can really help them. I want people to live a happy, healthy, and green life!

Everyday I turn on the news and hear about more and more health problems, many that could be prevented if people would begin to take care of themselves. I mean how difficult is it to grab a glass of water and swallow a couple of vitamins each morning? But how many people out there don’t do it? I know there are millions of vitamin companies out there and people don’t know which one to choose. Here is a testimony that may help you choose:

My husbands grandparents are 91 and 95 and still live in there home, go to church every Sunday, go to bible study every Thursday evening. Papa who is 95 actually still teaches to bible classes at the church. He also chops wood for the winter to heat there home. Papa is also no medication at all! If you ask them both of them will tell you the reason they are still doing so wonderful is that they take there Shaklee Vitamins everyday! And they have been for over 40 years.

Papa with his new John Deer tractor this summer!

Nana with one of her Great Grandson’s!

Another thing I love about Shaklee is that they were “Green” before the “Green” trend began. They have been creating “green” products for over 50 years! A quote from the Shaklee website “Every product that goes into every Shaklee bottle is designed to improve health, work without compromise, and be gentle on the planet.” I don’t know what else I could ask for.

There is also the Shaklee A Million Trees. A Million Dreams. project. Click here for more details. In 2009 the millionth tree was planted at the Shaklee Headquarters. And when you sign up “And to offset the carbon emissions of shipping the PAK, Shaklee will plant five trees!”

Shaklee has many products to chose from…vitmains, weight loss products, home and cleaning products, baby products, and beauty products. Click here to learn more about these products. And if you are interested in joining and sharing these wonderful product with your family and friends click here.

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