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A Wake Up Story from Healthy Child Healthy World

A Wake-Up Story from Healthy Child Healthy World on Vimeo.

New Years Resolutions…What is yours?

Each year millions of people make a New Years resolution….are you making one for 2011?

One of the most popular resolutions is to loose weight…which is a great resolutions. Here is a plan to help you stick with it.

Shaklee Cinch. The big difference between Shaklee Cinch and other weight loss programs is Leucine which helps you keep the muscle you already have and burn fat instead of losing muscle. The program is easy and effective.

Leucine is an amino acid that preserves lean tissue during lowered calorie intake, so it helps you keep the muscle mass you have while you diet. Keeping muscle mass in turn increases your metabolism.

The results of the pilot 12 week study done by Shaklee for the Cinch Program:

Average Weight Loss: 15.4 lbs

Average Inches Lost on waist: 4.1 in

Average Inches Lost on Hips: 2.6 in

and the best part 100% of lean muscle mass was preserved!

So what is the Cinch Weight Loss Plan?

1. Replace 2 meals a day with a Cinch Shake (Shakes come in Vanilla, Chocolate, and Cafe Latte) and eat a healthy 3 third meal

2. An afternoon snack bar. Snack bars have 120 – 130 calories and come in 3 flavors. (Chocolate Decadence, Lemon Cranberry, and Peanut Butter Crunch.

3. 3 in 1 Boost is a dietary supplement that includes 23 essential vitamins and minerals and EGCG which is an ingredient in green tea which helps boost metabolism.

4. Energy Tea! This tea is made up of a blend of 3 teas including roobios red tea, white tea, and green tea. Its a great replacement for sugary snacks or high calorie coffee drinks. Great for mid morning or afternoon pick me up. Comes in unsweetened or pomegranate.

For best results you need to also add exercise and a healthy third meal to the plan. But to help with this you can join the Cinch Community online. features meal and exercise plans, exercise examples, meal tracking, wellness workshops, community message boards, wellness articles written by Dr. Jamie McManus and more.

A great and easy way to get started is the Cinch Starter Kit which includes:

  • chocolate shake mix canister (15 servings)
  • vanilla shake mix packets (14 servings)
  • 3-in-1 boostâ„¢(42 count)
  • assortment pack snack bars (10 count)
  • energy tea mix (28 sticks)
  • daily journals (2)
  • cinch program guide
  • cinch logo shaker cup
  • cinch pedometer
  • cinch tape measure

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