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Have You Found Your Passion?

I feel like I have finally found my passion in life and it makes me feel so good! When I am talking about your passion is life I mean other then family and being a mom of course! My family is my number one priority and love in my life. I am talking about something for me so that I feel good about what I am doing and that I can actually impact the life of others.

My passion is health and wellness. I want to help teach other how to life healthy lives through diet, exercise, and overall well being. It amazes me more and more each day how much people do not know about his subject. I am trying to find new ways each day to help others. Since I am a stay at home mom I am trying to find ways to do this while still staying home with my son. The first thing I did was become a Shaklee Distributor, and now I am starting to run for different causes. This is a great way for me to promote exercise and raise money for different causes that I believe in. My next goal is to become a certified personal trainer so I can assist people in there journey to becoming healthier.

This summer I am running a 10K race to support the Lincoln Park Zoo. I feel strongly about supporting this Zoo because it is free to the public. It is a place where families can go and enjoy time together and not have to worry about how much money it is costing them. If you would like to run for this cause you can check out the United Run for the Zoo 2011, there is a 5K or 10K option.  Or if you would just like to donate please visit my donations page.

The second run I am doing this summer is a half marathon on August 28th to support Cal’s All-Star Angel’s. Cal’s Angel’s was start by a family that lost there 12 year old son to leukemia. The mission and purpose – granting wishes and providing financial assistance to kids fighting cancer and their families – continues Cal’s legacy of always caring about others above anything else. Having a son of my own makes me think about how hard it would be if he were sick and inspires me to help Cal’s Angels so they can help others. I am running the Peapod Half Madness on Aug 28, 2011, if you would like to run click here or to donate click here.

I encourage everyone to really think about what they feel strongly about and go out there and do something about it. I feel so much better about myself doing something that I am passionate about and I get to help others as well.