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Healthy Eating Stuggles

I really really try to keep myself and my family eating a healthy diet. It is not about weight loss or dieting…its about health! But I still struggle with it. My goal to is fruits or veggies at each meal, low carbs, and little to non refined sugars. Sometimes I feel no matter how hard I try I always give in to the easy way out by throwing some frozen fries in the oven for a side to the meal when I could just as easy put some frozen asparagus into a pan. I just don’t know why I do it to be honest and at the end of the day I get pissed at myself.

My other major problem is the evenings. I will do so well throughout the day, a smoothie for breakfast, good snack, salad for lunch, green juice….and then come dinner and the after dinner snack time. That is the time of day for the sweets and carbs just call my name. I think it has something to do with my husband being home and him wanting the same things and the fact of watching TV. Its like mindless snacking in a way. For the most part my dinners stay on the healthy side but there always seems to be that draw to carbs at dinner. I am trying to work on ways to break these habits, I think that is the problem years of the habit of eating in the evenings. I know I have to give myself time, but that is something I am not good at, I want to be able to just be strong and do it right away!

The other goal I have is to drink more water! I used to be really good at this but lately I have been slacking big time! To be honest I think I need a new water bottle…this may sound a little silly, but I was thinking back to when I used to drink a ton of water and the one thing that stands out is the water bottle I had at that time I loved and took everywhere. Now I have this crappy thing that I hate and I think that is a problem. So I guess to solve this problem I just need to get out and buy myself a water bottle that I love.

I am just going to keep working towards the goal of healthy meals throughout the day. I just have to remember to learn from the mistakes of today and change things for tomorrow.

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