Live Happy, Live Healthy, Live Green

My tips for living happy, healthy, and green!


I am a stay at home mom and I created this blog to share tips, ideas, products, and information with everyone on living a Happy, Healthy, and Green life. Once I became pregnant in 2009 I began to really think about what was important and how I wanted to create a healthy home for my baby. I began researching online, reading books, and learning as much as I could about creating a green environment for my son to grow up in. Today my son is 1 and I am still learning and working towards my goal. My biggest challenge to this is that I am trying to create this lifestyle as frugally as possible.

This blog allows me to share the challenges, ideas, and tips that I come across along the way. I will share stories, tips, products, recipes, and lessons learned along the way. This blog is a place where I can share with you what I learn and I hope to help others along the way.


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