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Moms…Remember To Take Care Of Yourselfs

One of my favorite TV shows to watch is TLC’s What Not To Wear! As I watching the show the other night it really hit me how much taking care of your outer appearance can you help you feel better about everything in your life. I watch the show all the time, but this episode really made it hit home how much it can affect you. The lady on the show had completely changed her life for the better…stopped drinking, started spending more time with her family, lost like 40lbs, and was training for a marathon, but she still looked and seemed sad. After the makeover she just looked and felt so much happier.

That night I started thinking about what I do in the days that I feel the best.On the days where I feel really energized and happy I take time to get myself ready for the days…

I workout, shower, get dressed in clothes that I feel good about, put on some makeup, and actually do something with my hair other then a ponytail. Taking the extra time in the morning to do these things makes the rest of my day feel better even if I am just staying at home playing with my little guy. I know from watching my Mom and from being a new Mom myself that you can get caught up in just taking care of everyone else, but in order to do that better we need to take care of ourselves as well.

What I try to do everyday to feel good:

  • Workout
  • Put on Makeup
  • Eat well
  • Take my vitamins
  • Smile!

Sometimes It’s Hard…

Sometimes its hard to be the person you want to be…

I want to be a wonderful mom, loving wife, great friend, helpful daughter, fun sister, and overall I want to be a good healthy person. But sometimes I need to step back and get perspective. I want to feed my family a healthy organic diet and do it on one income. I want to get myself back into pre-pregnancy shape. I want to have a healthy clean home, with no harmful chemicals. I want to go back to school.

I just have to remember that I can’t do all this at once. It is going to take time to change habits, work on a new budget, loose weight, and get things in order to go back to school. I have to remind myself that I am not superman…although I wish I was sometimes :) Its ok to have a cookie once in awhile, to not clean the house and play with the baby all day instead, and it is going to take time to get back into shape. Patience is not my strong suite but I am working on it.

There is some much pressure in the world to be on top of everything, look great all the time, and be as close to perfect as possible…but I think sometimes the biggest pressure is put on us by ourselves. My family and friends are not the ones looking for me to be perfect…I am the one who wants to be perfect for them. I don’t need to compare myself to others, I need to focus on the wonderful things I have in my life and slowly work towards my goals…pushing myself too hard and expecting too much just sets myself up for feeling some sort of failure.

I hope other women out there will remember that the ones who really love us don’t expect us to be perfect…its not possible! Remember to take time each day to be thankful for all that you have and look at the beautiful things around us.

Why I Love Going For A Jog

This morning was a wonderful morning for a jog or a walk. While I was out on my jog/walk this morning I was thinking about how much I enjoyed being outside getting some exercise. There are so many wonderful benefits to heading out for a jog each day. Each morning I pack up my little guy and usually one of my dogs and we head to the park for a jog. My little guy is now 13 weeks old and because I had a c section I have now been able to get back into exercising for the past 7 weeks. I started out walking and jogging in around my house, but just couldn’t get motivated. I figured out that in order for me to get the full benefits of going for a run, I need to be someplace where I enjoy running and where there is more nature. Living in the suburbs of Chicago, I make due with a nice park where there is a running trail goes through some woods, along a small lake/pond, and through an open prairie area.

My favorite things about my morning jog:

Fresh Air/Nature: I love being outside! I am from northern Michigan and am used to spending a lot of time outdoors in the woods or on the beach. Each morning as I go to the park for my jog I get to enjoy a little piece of nature in the city. I get to see the trees, smell the fresh air, and enjoy the sunshine!

It clears my head: Its a great way to clear my mind and focus for the day. I don’t usually listen to music on my jog, I like to just enjoy the peace and quiet and think about life. Like this morning I just think about how enjoyable my jog is, other days I think about what I want for my future and my family, its a great time to think.

Exercise: We all know its good for us to get at least 30 minutes of aerobic activity at least 5 days a week. This is an enjoyable way to get mine. I am also still working on getting rid of the baby weight so its a great way to do that as well. Staying healthy is very important to me. I like seeing the other people along the way doing the same thing. It makes me feel good to see people of all ages, shapes, and sizes out there getting there exercise!

Whether you are able to run, jog, or just walk I encourage you to find a place that you enjoy going and spend some time getting healthy! Try it for a week and see if you feel better about yourself, have less stress, and just feel better in general!

Get On The Road To A Healthier Life Part 4

Part 4 Stress Management

Stress it is something we all deal with on a daily basis, some more then others and some even more then that! But it is something we need to keep in check for a health. Stress is known to cause or be a factor in many illnesses.

Remember to Breathe! Taking just 10 minutes to concentrate on your breathing can calm and help to clear your mind so you can think more clearly.

Do something you enjoy. Nothing takes your mind off of what is stressful then taking time to do something you really enjoy. “Take time to smell the roses!”

Relax. Take time out of your busy day to actually relax. Taking time to relax will help you sleep better, think more clearly, and work more effectively. Take a walk, take a bath, listen to your favorite music, or whatever you enjoy.

Take Your Vitamin. I will go into this more in the Part 5. Taking your vitamins keeps you body and your mind healthy which in turn allows you to function and deal with all of the aspects of life more efficiently.

Say NO sometimes. Taking on too many projects one of the major causes of stress in peoples lives. It is OK to say NO sometimes, you need to remember that your health is more important then baking cookies for a bake sale.

Exercise. Once again exercise can help. Exercise is great way to take your mind off the stresses in your life and you are making yourself healthier in the process, it is a great thing!